Does Honey Really helps you to lose weight Easily?

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Thanks to its flavor, honey helps us to calm the anxiety and the need to consume sweet foods, while activating the metabolism. The result of the tireless work of bee’s results in honey, which has many properties for human beings, and therefore it, is recommended to consume it, among other things, to cure diseases. If used externally it is very good for improving the health of the skin and hair. But what would happen if we told you that honey is used to lose weight? Peak Bioboost
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In this article we explain the reason for our affirmation.

The Diet of Honey

There are doctors who have always relied on the benefits of honey, especially for throat and colds, which not everyone knows is that a spoonful of this product every night can also help us lose weight. While there are no “slimming” miracles,

“The truth is that honey generates changes in metabolism that help us lose more pounds”.

  • To begin with, it reduces the cravings for eating sweet things.
  • The amount of sugar contained in the honey is enough to quench the anxiety for chocolate or a piece of cake.
  • Best of all, the quality is higher and does not generate dependence (as does refined sugar, for example).
  • Honey also acts as an anti-stress and a reducer of anxiety and nerves.

The results of research on the slimming powers of honey claim that it has natural sugars that have the ability to tell the brain that has already received a sufficient dose of sugar. If we eat sweets at night, it can cause us not to sleep properly, to wake up in the middle of the night or to have insomnia. It is proven that a good rest helps us lose weight because during the night certain processes of muscle repair and fat burning are carried out. So, if we consume a spoonful of honey before sleeping we are satisfying the appetite for the sweet without generating addiction (since the fructose it contains is natural and of high quality) and, at the same time, giving the body the opportunity to rest and recover properly.

Honey, Cinnamon and Water: The Ideal Recipe?

There are seVeral theories about the powers of honey to lose weight. In addition to consuming a spoonful before bedtime we can take advantage of its benefits during the day (but without exceeding in quantities). It is necessary to stop completely ingesting the products with processed sugars. Even if it seems impossible, it’s not like that. Do not forget that with honey you will be satisfying the need for sweets.

  • Sweeten your desserts, fruits and infusions with honey (you find it in seVeral presentations, more liquid or more solid, more or less sugary, etc.) and incorporate more fruits, vegetables and legumes into your daily diet.
  • Put aside flours, sodas and fats.
  • Drink two liters of water daily and do not forget the exercise.

In this way you will be helping your body to burn fat and eliminate accumulated toxins. Many athletes consume a glass of water with honey and cinnamon every day to supplement their diet. The good news is that you do not have to be a great athlete to take advantage of the benefits of this product. Here we propose a very simple recipe:


  • Hot water (200 ml).
  • Honey (25 g).
  • Cinnamon powder.


  • Heat the water and, when it reaches a boil, add the honey and cinnamon and mix well.
  • Drink before bed and when you get up (half an hour before breakfast).

In those moments when anxiety invades you and you do not know what to do to stop thinking about eating sweet things; this infusion can be very useful. It is recommended in women with premenstrual syndrome, in nervous people, when you have too much work or are anxious about something. In the case that, in addition, you want to lose a few kilos, it will also come in handy.

And is that one of the usual problems of overweight people is that they cannot control their anxiety to eat even if they have no appetite.

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