Delicious juice that helps to control appetite and Lose Weight.

Although it is not a drink with miraculous properties, this delicious juice helps control appetite to facilitate weight loss. It is low in calories and very nutritious. One of the keys to losing weight and keeping it stable is to control your appetite. Sometimes people eat a healthy diet and exercise, but their anxiety about food prevents them from reaching the desired weight. Knowing how to choose the right foods and combine them well in each of the main meals is crucial to give the body more satiety during the day. Added to this, you can take into account some “extra help”, such as natural juices, whose nutritional wealth brings many benefits to the body while reducing appetite to prevent excessive intake of calories. Thinking of those people who are trying to put an end to this anxiety, this time we will share the recipe for a delicious juice that can serve as support. EZ Battery Reconditioning
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Why is this Natural Juice Good?

As studies published by Harvard University point out, nutrition plays an important role in improving both quality of life and weight. Although monitoring the number of calories is important, focusing on the quality of food is key to controlling appetite and preventing overweight. In this sense, we find a delicious natural juice in which we combine the properties of several ingredients of high nutritional quality. Not only are they very low in calories, but their components prolong the feeling of satiety and improve metabolic health.

The foods that we will use are:

  • The carrot.
  • Parsley
  • The green apples
  • The cucumber.

Each of these contains water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important substances that keep us satisfied while stimulating the cleaning of the body to eliminate the toxins that prevent weight loss. To have a clearer idea of ​​how beneficial it can be, here we specify the virtues of each of its ingredients.


This delicious vegetable contains a significant amount of fiber, a substance that supports weight loss in many aspects. On the one hand, it is essential to adequately digest food and prevent constipation.

“It generates a feeling of fullness for longer and helps to optimize the functions of the metabolism so that the body burns fat easily”.

On the other hand, they have few calories and little fat, but a large part is composed of water. In addition, it is a rich source of beta-carotenes (vitamin A) and potassium that participate in many important body functions.


This herb that is used as an aromatic and seasoning in different preparations, is also a great ally to reduce appetite and lose weight. It has a diuretic and depurative effect that supports the elimination of liquids and toxins present in the most important organs of the body. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Urology found that consumption of parsley leaves and roots reduced the amount of calcium oxalate deposits in animals. Thus, ingesting it could be useful to prevent and treat kidney stones. In addition, frequent consumption can help control high cholesterol and triglyceride levels to reduce cardiovascular risk.

Green Apples

Green apples are one of the best fruits that can be consumed daily as part of the diet. They are low in sodium, calories and fat, but rich in vitamins, minerals and even fiber. Just its contribution of fiber is what helps control appetite, as it expands in the stomach generating a sense of fullness. It also increases physical performance, combats fluid retention and supports digestive processes.


Composed in 95% water, cucumber is one of the vegetables with the lowest calorie content we can find. This richness in water and its contribution of fiber are what make it a great food to satiate the body and reduce anxiety. It has a diuretic and depurative effect that supports the detoxification of the body to optimize its functions and prevent diseases.

How to Prepare Carrot Juice, Parsley, Apple and Cucumber to Control Appetite

The recipe for this juice is quite simple and its ingredients can be had on hand for those moments when anxiety attacks. The best thing about choosing it is that, due to its nutritional richness, it also acts as reinforcement for the immune system and to control cholesterol.


  • 2 carrots
  • 1 handful of parsley
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 green apples
  • ½ glass of water (100 ml)


  • Wash and chop all the ingredients before taking them to the blender.
  • Add them together with the half glass of water and process them until you obtain a homogeneous juice without lumps.
  • Consume a glass on an empty stomach and take more during the day if you consider it necessary.
  • As your goal is to reduce anxiety, you can consume it whenever you feel like eating out of the main meals.

By choosing this drink to control the appetite you will be adopting a good habit for your figure and your body. Although it is not a “miraculous” juice or something similar, it is an excellent way to provide the body with essential nutrients.

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