How to Consume Pasta and Maintain the Ideal Weight?

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Although there are those who recommend consuming only simple carbohydrates, in reality, it is necessary to eat both types in order to maintain a balanced diet. Pasta: egg, wheat flour and water. We all know that this food is a very good source of carbohydrates, just as it can make us gain weight very easily, if we consume it excessively, within an unbalanced diet. But does this mean that we should stop eating pasta to lose weight? In relation to the previous question is also found:  does eating this carbo food always make you fat? Well, it is evident that the majority of slimming diets are based on the reduction and elimination of carbohydrates. It is also true that nutritionists and trainers prefer less complex carbohydrates. However, there are very successful regimens that do not completely suppress the intake of this delicious food.

Is it Possible to Eat Pasta and Maintain a Balanced Diet?

The issue is more complex than to stop incorporating it daily or not. And is that pasta is a food rich in carbohydrates, so it provides high energy resources. The ideal is to be able to use that energy to model a healthy body. More than stop eating pasta, the important thing would be to check what kind of pasta we are consuming and at what times we eat them. Do we do exercises? Do we have a fast metabolism? These are other questions of interest very related to the subject. For many, pasta constitutes a complete carbohydrate. However, we must bear in mind that not all people assimilate nutrients in the same way and not all bodies are necessarily equal, each body is unique.

What Kind of Pasta to Eat?

There are several types of pasta, among them: the enriched with egg, pasta with or without gluten, pasta for diabetics, and so on.

“If our purpose is to lose weight, it is appropriate to opt for wholemeal pasta or gluten-free pasta”.

Another option is for diabetics or hypertensive. In this way, we eliminate salt, eggs and other substances that only favor the accumulation of fat.

The Sauce

There are certain myths regarding the accompaniment of pasta. It turns out that it is not always the pasta that makes you fat, but the sauce we use to accompany it. If we combine it with vegetables and olive oil, the result can be exquisite and not at all caloric.

At What Time Should we Eat Pasta?

At present, diets involve more planning than restriction. The problem is not always what you eat, but also how and when. In this way, it is not the same to eat a sweet at twelve noon than at ten o’clock at night. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend eating pasta before 4 in the afternoon. After this time, the metabolism slows down and the corresponding digestion ends up during bedtime. This facilitates the accumulation of fat, which precisely promotes overweight. If on the contrary, we eat this food before 4 in the afternoon, it will be much easier to burn it and take advantage of its energy content.

Eat Pasta Sparingly?

Losing weight means reducing carbohydrates. Eating pasta once a week should not alter our body weight. Beyond this recommendation, it is essential to maintain control over the amount and type of carbohydrates we consume. It is advisable to consume both complex and simple carbohydrates.

  • Simple carbohydrates are easy to digest, naturally occurring, unprocessed and rich in nutrients. Potatoes, fruits, white rice, legumes and almost all vegetables are part of this group of carbohydrates.
  • Complex carbohydrates provide fiber necessary for the digestion process, among others.

Do we Burn Enough Calories?

Another fundamental issue is the level of physical activity that we carry. If people maintain consistent and demanding exercise routines, they will not have to forbid eating some pasta from time to time. In fact, exercise has a direct effect on our metabolism and this allows us to maintain a less restrictive diet. It is also true that high performance sports activity requires a very balanced diet. But if we tend to be obese and sedentary, eating this will make our condition worse.


A person can eat everything, in moderation. As the proverb says: “Everything in excess is bad”. A healthy body is one that is in balance.

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