What are the 10 Tips to Lose Weight Without Going Hungry?

How many times has it happened to you that you start a diet and tips to lose weight with all the illusion of the world thinking that this time will be the definitive one, that you will get to that you do not like and you will go back into that model that has been abandoned in the closet for years … And when two or three weeks pass you are already tired, with your mood down, a desire to eat bigger and bigger and leave. That is why today we are going to give you 10 tips to lose weight without going hungry. If you use them, it will be much easier to follow the diet you started and what you are really looking for will be much more effective.

10 Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

 If you are going to start a new diet plan, it is best to consult a doctor or nutritionist first to make sure that you are acting correctly and that it will not harm your body. But if you already know that diet or to take a healthy diet these simple 10 tips to lose weight can complement it and help you eliminate that weight more than a faster and lasting.

1- Do Not Skip Meals

One of the most common mistakes when trying to lose weight is to skip meals, specifically breakfast. Error! In addition to breakfast is the most important meal of the day (which you have heard on more than one occasion) and is what gives us strength to face the day that comes on us, we must bear in mind that the body consumes a lot calories when you perform the digestion process and that is something that we can take advantage of for our benefit.

“The more meals we eat per day the more extra calories our body will burn”.

But what we have to consider is what we eat, because if those meals are copious and greasy we will not be doing anything, we start from the fact that you are going to carry out a diet or follow a healthy diet. Another advantage of not skipping meals and eating at least five times a day , is that we will get to the main meals with less cravings, so it will be easier not to fall into unnecessary temptation and not eat things that we should not.

2- Drink Water Before Eating

The water is the vehicle used to remove body fluids that can accumulate and dilute and remove fat. But often we do not pay enough attention and we forget about it, not taking the amount we owe. A very simple way to make sure that we drink the two liters of water that you advise to consume at least is to take it before meals. Drinking two glasses of water (250 ml) before breakfast, lunch and dinner; and one more glass before mid-morning breakfast and snack, we already have those two liters without any effort. This way our body can eliminate toxins, liquids and fats more effectively. In addition, when drinking water half an hour before eating our body will feel more satiated and eat less quantity without realizing it.

3- Forget About Miracle Diets

We do not mean that the “miracle diets” or “express diets” are not effective; most of what they do is to minimize the calories we consume, reaching to spend whole days with soup, and that way we have to lose weight yes or yes. The problem is that, apart from damaging our organism depriving it of nutrients and essential elements that it needs, when we stop doing them we return to our habitual feeding returning to recover the weight that we have lost and a couple of kilos more as a gift. With miracle diets the rebound effect is guaranteed. If you want to lose weight in an effective and lasting way, the best thing you can do is follow a healthy diet, exercise moderately and take our 10 tips to lose weight; you will see how you will progressively achieve your goals.

4- Eat in a Relaxed Way

Each time we lead a more stressed life and if we take those nerves to the table the only thing, we get is to eat fast and in a hurry. That makes you gobble the food and do not feel satiated no matter how full the plate is. Before eating takes your time, breathe slowly, put quiet music if you need it and relax. Do not think you’re wasting your time, try to leave your mind soft or just think about the rich dish that is prepared. With five minutes of relaxation it should be enough. After that, sit down at the table and enjoy the food by chewing it well, you will see how you feel satisfied much earlier and you will favor digestion.

5- Do Not Go Hungry

Although it may seem a contradiction to lose weight, you have to eat. Although before we talked about taking a glass of water before meals to fill up before and eat less, that does not mean that we reduce food to a minimum.  You have to keep in mind that the body has a memory and if you are used to giving it little food, it will store all the calories and fat it contains because you think that for the next day you may not eat and you would need those stored calories for you to have energy. That will make you lose weight every day when you are eating little. What do you like our tips to lose weight? Also if you do not give your body the amount of food you need you will always be tired and without the strength to do anything and this will not be good either for work, or to study, much less for sports.

6- Do Not Eliminate Hydrates

Our metabolism needs all the components that have food, and carbohydrates give a very important contribution of energy to our body that is difficult to achieve otherwise. Yes we must take into account the type of carbohydrates we consume, decantate for cereals and hydrates as natural as possible and try to get away from the refined flours and typical breakfast cereals that the only thing they contribute are sugars and empty calories. The time at which we consume carbohydrates is also important. Although they are very important and our body would resent not consuming them, it is not the same to take them at breakfast or at lunch, where we have a large part of the day to “burn” them; that in the evening, we tend to relax and rest. Those hydrates would make us fat. So do not stop taking them but try to make it before seven in the afternoon.

7- Reconcile with the Kitchen

It is possible that for your work you cannot go through the house at lunchtime and ask for take-out food that you eat in the same office, you go to the nearest bar or throw in sandwiches. If you do that regularly it is difficult to get the body you want. If you do not have time to prepare a good lunch in the morning to take to work, spend a little more time in the kitchen at night and prepare a good lunch to take you to work. Spoon meals, as always, can last for several days so you’ll actually be saving time. if you also prepare a list with the meals that you are going to make throughout the week you will save time to think and they will be much more balanced.

8- Eat Chocolate!

There are times when our body asks us for chocolate. It’s not worth any candy, it has to be chocolate. And more to women in the period before, during and after menstruation, which is not very clear why they usually have a great need to eat chocolate. Well, listen to your body, if you need chocolate, take it. But of course, try to make chocolate as pure as possible without sugar. At first it may seem a bit bitter, but you get used to the new taste quickly and taking this type of chocolate means you do not have to skip the diet and take forbidden foods, so it will be much more effective the effort you make , it will even be much less effort.

9- Picotea Between Hours

As we discussed above, digestion burns a lot of calories. When chopping between hours we kill two birds with one stone, on the one hand we activate the metabolism and consume extra calories; and on the other hand we kill the worm and we are satiated to not eat more during the main meals of the day. But it is important to keep in mind what we are going to peck at. If with the thing that we are hungry we throw for sweets and sandwiches we do not go anywhere. Help yourself to low calorie foods with fiber for those moments, for example a piece of fruit for tea and a tea accompanied by rice pancakes for mid-morning. Take care of all your meals, including snacks.

10- Assign One Day of Rest Per Week

 This may be one of the slimming tips that most illusion makes and the one that most like to follow a table, and that is that taking a diet is not easy, we are assaulted by many temptations almost every step. But perhaps the most difficult thing is when the weekend arrives and your partner and / or friends invite you to go out with them to eat or have a few beers. But do not worry, one day a week of rest from your diet can be even beneficial to eat that you have been thinking about all week and in this way the diet becomes much more bearable, since we will not get tired of it and we can carry it out without costing us work. But be careful, without abuse! We want to rest and have a good time, not to ruin all the effort of the week. Be responsible with your diet throughout the week and during the rest day. Slowly but surely you will see the results.

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